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Dec 12 2007


Dameon (yes I realize I’ve spelled it two different ways, but what’s a pseudonym to do?) stayed late with me last Wednesday the 5th because he needed to practice his songs for the choir. His inability to read makes it difficult for him to learn all the words. So Dameon and I are in my room singing Do a Deer. We decoded words like “drop” and “needle.” I had to define “sew” and “jam” but it was productive and all in all very wholesome. Conjured up images of Julie Andrews in her darling apron twirling about my room.

Meanwhile across the all in Mr. ATH’s room, Marky has been accused of stealing a dollar from someone’s fund raiser money. Mind you Marky is also the kid we discerned was the “pooper” who defiled the urinal before Thanksgiving. I’m going to recount the parts of the story I know from Mr. ATH’s retelling. Mr. ATH informs mom about the charges and she begins to swear at Marky (obviously I’m censoring) “Empty your pockets! Empty your f-ing pockets you little s–t!” Marky proceeds to empty everything, and no dollar. “Take off your f-ing shoes! You heard me! Take off your f-ing shoes!” He takes of his shoes and there’s the dollar. “Pick it up,” mom says. “Pick it the f- up!” As he bends to retrieve the dollar she kicks him in the chest and he goes sprawling and begins to sob. Obviously no pity from mom who gets back the dollar and apparently backhands him too, yelling the whole time about how she didn’t raise no thief, etc… Meanwhile, Dameon and are still in my room and I’m hearing almost everything going on and trying to block it out. At one point Dameon looks at me and says with all seriousness “I think Marky’s in trouble.” “I think you might be right, Dameon, but let’s keep practicing your song.” It was the weirdest moment of juxtaposition: A Sound of Music moment set against a background track of swear words and smacks instead of a choir of nuns and German folk dances.

At least it’s never dull… Remind me to write about my near nervous breakdown and the bet I won.

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  1. Mom

    That poor kid – Sounds likes time for child protective services before Marky gets big enough to kick someone else in the chest!

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